About the Hawai'i Volleyball Showcase

What coaches are attending?

2023 Coaches who attended in person or watched livestream can be found HERE.

We expect walk-in's as well.

How long is each session?

Coaches have told us that they can see what they are looking for within an hour of playing time.

Girls, classes of 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2027.

One day only!
2024 Date TBA

What is the cost per athlete?

Only $99 to register!

Will this be live-streamed to coaches & families who can't attend?

Yes! Video links will be provided. The links will also be recorded for coach and athlete future use.

How many athletes per court?

We want to showcase every athlete so they don't get lost in a crowd.

Courts will be limited to a small group.

Who can register?

High school aged girls only.  
Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors. 

Graduating Classes of 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027.

Athletes from any school or club affiliation are welcome.  
Space is very limited.

What is your recruiting expertise?

100% of SASVBC athletes who wanted to further their athletic careers have been recruited to collegiate programs for ten seasons in a row.

We have great relationships with coaches & scouts from universities on the continent & in Hawai'i.

Please see our College Report HERE.

Why are you hosting this?

We want to give volleyball athletes in Hawai'i an affordable opportunity to show their talents to collegiate coaches and scouts to help them chase their dreams to play at the next level

Who are your coaches?

We believe our coaches are some of the best in Hawai'i.  Olympians, All Americans, National and State Champions who humbly give back and serve Hawaii's keiki. 

The sport of volleyball has changed the trajectories of all of our lives and we believe it is our kuleana to give back.

Hawai'i Volleyball Showcase*
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